1.  When we are approved for the SimpleHousing.ca program, will we be given an approval amount?

Yes, as soon as you are approved, we will give you a price range and send you out house shopping with our in house realtor.

2.  Are there certain criteria we should be following for the types of homes we are considering?

Yes, we would like to see a nice family home in a good and safe area.  The home should be in good condition with little to no needed renovations.

3.  Who owns the house during Lease-to-Own program?

While you begin the steps towards home ownership, one of our investors will buy your Lease-to-Own home while you take the required steps to improve your credit score and grow your down payment to qualify for a mortgage.

4. What sort of agreements do you have in place so I know my interests are protected?

The agreements are a standard residential lease agreement and an option to purchase contract drafted by real estate legal professionals. These agreements protect your “option deposit” and “monthly credits” as well as your legal right to purchase the home when the option date comes due.

5.  How do I qualify for the SimpleHousing.ca program?

If you have qualified income to support the monthly lease payments and are able to provide the required Option Deposit, then you may be qualified. We base our decisions similair to a tenant-landlord screening process, but we will also determine if our program will help position you to successfully purchase the property at the end of your lease term.  “Just fill in the online application.  Your dream of home ownership may be closer than you think.”

6.  I am new to the country; can I still qualify for your program?

Yes. Unlike conventional lenders, we believe that un-established credit should not be a reason to be denied from buying a home.  As long as you are able to provide the required Option Deposit and verify a source of income to support your lease payments, then you have a opportunity for home ownership.  We can also align you with our in house mortgage broker that can assist you in establishing a strong credit rating.

7.  My credit score is low.  Can I still qualify?

Part of SimpleHousing.ca mission is to provide opportunities for families and individuals to purchase a home despite them having poor credit or no credit. We will only deny applications if we feel that we cannot provide a solution that will help position them to purchase a home at the end of the lease term.

8.  Is it alright if I use borrowed funds for my deposit?


9.  How do I qualify for conventional financing?

You will need to qualify the same as anyone else purchasing a home. Meeting the lending institution’s qualifications will be key. SimpleHousing.ca will bring you much closer to your goal with our Lease-to-Own programs. Our in house mortgage broker will provide you with all the help you need to improve and maintain excellent credit to qualify for the mortgage at the end of the lease term.

10.  How fast can I move in?

Once the Lease-to-Own contract has been signed and you have provided us with the required option deposit, you are free to move in.

11.  Do I look after the regular maintenance of the property?

Yes, Remember this is now your home.

12.  Do you allow pets?


13.  Who pays for insurance, condo fees and property taxes?

All our payment plans are all inclusive: structural (building) insurance, property taxes and condo fees (if applicable) are included. This service is provided by SimpleHousing.ca to ensure all payments are made in a timely manner.

14.  Do I have the right to sell the property?

Yes, but you must have already met all the terms and conditions of the lease contract. SimpleHousing.ca has first right of refusal on any property the Lease-to-Own client wishes to sell.

15.  I’m unable to make my monthly payments, what happens now?

As with any lending institutions, we require that you honor all obligations as outlined in the terms and conditions of the lease agreement. If you fail to make payment, or fail to pay on time then you will be considered in default.

16.  Am I able to have a home inspection before signing the lease agreement?


17.  Does the fact that I’m self-employed have a negative effect on my ability to qualify?