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“Over 90% of all Millionaires Become so Through Owning Real Estate”    Andrew Carnegie


Want to become a real estate investor but don’t no where to start?  Perhaps you already are research papers online pay for college papersan investor but are overburdened with the travails of property management and the stress associated with troublesome tenants.  How about a completely different approach to traditional buying?  A method purchasing real estate “after’ a pre-qualified tenant/buyer is located. introduces the Tenant First Program of Lease-to-Own real estate.  Finally, a way to avoid the everyday hassles of being a landlord – from plugged toilets to non-payment of rent.  Minimal effort that still sees a high rate of return!

How It Works
research papers online pay for college papers prescreens a tenant/buyer to determine eligibility for the Tenant First Program.  If the requirements are met, a pricing cap is then established so the tenant/buyer is not looking at properties beyond affordability limits.  Following this the client is introduced to an in-house Realtor and together they go shopping for a dream home with the entire Multiple Listing Service (MLS) at their disposal!


Once a house is selected, the investor purchases it on the tenant/buyer’s behalf.  The tenant/buyer then puts down a deposit and the investor lease/options the house back with a predetermined future closing date. provides a simple and low risk – yet tangible – asset/investment vehicle with numerous benefits:

  • Maintains a high rate of positive cash flow.
  • Minimal property management expense (tenant/buyer has a buyer’s mentality – they will look after the property as if they own it not as if they are renting).
  • Allows for real estate investment to be worry free and enjoyable.
  • Investor has a hard, physical asset – can be seen and touched – as opposed to stocks or mutual funds.
  • A fixed exit strategy is established from the onset.
  • Provides for an exceptional annual return on investment (ROI) with a predetermined profit and rate of return.
  • A feeling of well-being is derived from helping individuals or families achieve the home ownership dream.


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