Mark Torgerson

Mark has been a real estate investor for the past 18 years. He has purchased over 80 properties during that time frame in a variety of cities and 3 different provinces. He is a long time member of the Real Estate Investment Network (REIN).

After many years in the business, Mark came to the realization that there was a better way for investing in real estate and also a way for helping families realize the dream of home ownership. Building a system that truly creates a win-win relationship.

Hence… the idea for was born.

This is a powerful system that brings an ease to property investing and creates an incredible strategy for want-to-be-home owners.

His team is excited to match investors with the families of those who may have never otherwise had the chance to experience the tremendous benefits of becoming a home owner. “We welcome the chance to make a difference in the lives of many and to create a legacy lasting for generations to come.”


Executive Realtor

Miranda Pearson

As a licensed real estate professional and REIN member, Miranda partnered with in 2012.  With over 12 years of industry experience in Calgary and Medicine Hat area, Miranda understands and appreciates the needs of homebuyers and developing long term relations of trust and knowledge.

“Being self-employed since 1995, and most recently divorced, I have first hand experience knowing the struggles one with either of these circumstances faces when looking to get financing for a home purchase. Frustrated with the limited options available, partnering with Mark and seemed like a natural fit. It provides great satisfaction knowing that we can help out families that seek a temporary alternative to home financing so they can enjoy stability of home ownership.”

Facilitating client relations and coordinating the real estate referral network, Miranda ensures effective communication of all involved parties contributing to the transaction.

“How can be of service to you?”


In-House Mortgage Broker

Dan Heon

Your Mortgage Expert

Mortgage broker Dan Heon of Calgary knows some of his new clients are nervous when they meet him for the first time.  “I think that’s pretty normal, but it sure doesn’t last long once we get talking.”

A mortgage broker since 2002 and a real estate investor since the mid 1990s, Dan knows some clients arrive at his office worried about credit issues or their lack of credit history.  Others are convinced lenders won’t be interested in their personal stories, especially if they’re buying investment property and their portfolios appear too highly leveraged.  “Some people have basic questions about what a mortgage broker does.  They want to know how I get paid — and they want to know why they should trust me to help them get the financing they need.”

“As a mortgage specialist, I have access to a large number of lender products.  As an investor, I really do know how they work which places me in a even-better position to help my clients find more creative ways to finance their real estate purchases,” says Dan.

“You can bet that experience goes to work every time a client needs my services.”

The one thing that won’t change with experience is Dan Heon’s focus on quality client services.  “No matter what your financing needs are, I work for you, not the lenders.”