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Consider how much time and effort you have invested with a client only to have a mortgage declined by the ever tightening lender restrictions. You and your client go separate ways and your time is all but wasted. You don’t like to work for free and why should you!! has a group of investors looking at purchasing real estate. We want to see you get paid and provide you with an opportunity to do just that. If your client qualifies for our tenant first strategy, we will pair them up with one of our investors and pay you $500.00 on top of the full commission you will earn.

If your client does not fit our tenant first qualifications where we match them with an investor but they purchase one of our featured listings, we will pay you a $1,000 dollar finder’s fee. You will still get something out of all the time and effort you have put in.

How is this possible? It’s Simple… Lease-to-Own!!

Lease-to-Own may be exactly what your clients need. It is a unique strategy that puts the tenants first and allows them the ability to move in to their dream home now rather than later. We have a large group of investors looking for solid and secure real estate investments. We pair your client up with one of our investors and send them shopping on the MLS. (Multiple Listing Service) You still get your full commission and your client gets to fulfill their dream of becoming a home owner. Truly a win-win type scenario.

Standard real estate transactions may not always be the answer. Things are changing and the credit institutions are getting tougher with their lending guidelines. The most successful professionals will be the ones that can adapt and step outside of the box to the traditional ways of buying real estate. Have a creative outlook and do whatever it takes to provide all the tools to your client to become a home owner. You will close more deals and everyone wins!!
Realtors and Brokers