Overwhelmed with financial issues concerning your home? Provides a Creative Alternative

Through its unique Purchase Program, signs a two to three year lease with the seller with an option to purchase the house at the end of the term.  The purchase price is based on a market analysis from the in-house Realtor according to current market conditions.  A Tenant/Buyer, pre-screened by is then placed in the home for the duration of the lease.  The seller receives some money initially, and the remainder when the deal closes at the end of the lease.  An in-house mortgage broker, specializing in credit repair, coaches the Tenant/Buyer through the term of the lease to insure eventual mortgage qualification. will be up front with the seller:  Its profit is derived from selling the houst at a price based on its projected appreciated value at the end of the lease term.  It is, however, a win-win situation: makes a profit and the seller’s house problems are solved in the process.


Advantages to the Seller

  • Monthly payments covering expenses are made.
  • No Realtor commissions payable.
  • Issued a quality tenant with an owner’s mindset instead of a carefree renter.
  • Cash up front when the Lease-to-Own contract is signed.
  • Two or three years of principle “pay-down” on the mortgage – adding thousands in equity.
  • No mortgage penalties – mortgage renewal date is arranged to coincide with the tenant/buyer Lease/Option date.
  • manages all legal documentation.
  • No advertising fees.
  • No maintenance concerns – tenant/buyer is responsible for any/all repairs.
  • Peace of mind knowing the mortgage is being managed. Can Only Help If You Contact Us Soon

Simply notify with the facts regarding the house, and a decision regarding the viability of website marketing will be made without delay.  And best of all: the seller is under no financial obligation until the property is under contract with a tenant/buyer.  Subsequently, if the house does not sell, it is simply removed from the website.  The seller has absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain!